Giga Samples

Tube Bells

Tubular bells, samples from EPS by Ensoniq


Udu Clay Pot

African instrument

Ethnic, Percussion

Vox Samples

Free Samples taken from “Computer music magazine” – CD’


VoxBell DX11

FM Bell Synth


Washburn Guitar

A very nice little guitar sample.

Acoustic, Guitars

Worra’s Campfire Nylon

This is the remains of some experimenting with sampling a nylon guitar, the guitar is old and worn, but you can always use it to play “Ol’ Stewball”

Acoustic, Guitars


This one is great!!!!!! If you want that great Wurlitzer sound, check this out.

Electric, Pianos

Yamaha CP70

Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand sample I don’t know who contributed this.


Yamaha CP80

This one get’s around 40 megs, it is a big download but worth it.

Electric, Pianos

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