Giga Samples

Worra’s Campfire Nylon

This is the remains of some experimenting with sampling a nylon guitar, the guitar is old and worn, but you can always use it to play “Ol’ Stewball”

Acoustic, Guitars

Worra’s Prophet Leftovers

Some left-overs from the “Worra’s Prophet” sessions…..



This one is great!!!!!! If you want that great Wurlitzer sound, check this out.

Electric, Pianos

Yamaha CP70

Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand sample I don’t know who contributed this.


Yamaha CP80

This one get’s around 40 megs, it is a big download but worth it.

Electric, Pianos

Yamaha CX5M Bass Collection

Remember this beauty? Dedicated musical computer. This is a series of Bass gig’s made from it. This is retro! Here’s 13 gig’s in one


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