Giga Samples

Crystal Bell

Another very modified sample from an EPS from Ensoniq.


D-50 Pad

Pad from Roland D-50.


Damien’s Funky Guitar

Very nice muted guitar contributed by Ben Garden.

Electric, Guitars

Deep Bass

Bass guitar sample, check this out.


Distorted TB303

A distorted TB303 Janne Sundstrom  again… keep up the good work Janne!


Doogie Lite

Another nice FM piano.

Electric, Pianos

Dream Guitar

Nice dreamy guitar sound, sampled from a EWS64

Guitars, Other

Drum Synth

Drums created with Paul Kellet’s Drumsynth for PC.

Drum Kits, Percussion

Dry Kit

Great drums from Daniel van der Lei.

Drum Kits, Percussion

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